Vacation Travel Tips for the Washington DC

With the summer getting under way, vacation season is well and truly upon us. So where are you going?

If you have booked Washington D.C., or are still unsure where you wish to visit, then this article is perfect for you as it highlights the best bits about the capital city of the United States of America. [Read more…]

Top Seven Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest metropolitan in the United States of America. It is the residence of eighteen millions from all parts of the world and the home town of the Hollywood celebrities.  It is the center of business, international trade, electronic media and the Hollywood film industry. [Read more…]

Top 5 must see places In Virginia, US

I never tire of visiting the US; there is always something new to see and exciting places to visit. Virginia, a Southern Atlantic state in the US – a recent discovery for me – is steeped in history and is famous as the birthplace of eight US presidents.

It became a renowned member of the Confederacy during the American Civil War and among the most popular and important places to visit are the historical and cultural attractions that illustrate key moments in this state’s remarkable evolution. [Read more…]

The Top Seven All Inclusive Resorts In Florida

Florida is one of the fifty states as defined under the federal constitution of the United States of America. Located in the southeastern tip between the Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, this paradise is a must visit for anyone looking forward to unwinding.

The state of Florida is well endowed with undeveloped beaches, a diverse ecosystem and picturesque tropical islands. Let us take a closer look at some of the best all inclusive resorts in Florida. [Read more…]

Christmas Celebrations in the Caribbean island Barbados

Christmas is the season to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. Unsually we go to family reunions and see those relatives we haven’t seen for a long time.

Common Yuletide activities includes ice sakting at the frozen lake, playing around in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other, and making a snowman on the backyard. Apart from that, there’s always the Christmas dinner where the family feast throughout the evening. [Read more…]

The Best Of Caribbean All Inclusive Family Resorts

The Islands of the Caribbean are a group of island countries that are situated to the east and south of Mexico. These picturesque islands play host to forests, amazing horizon skyline and numerous virgin white beaches. These islands have earned a reputable position amongst travelers as the epitome of cultural diversity packaged with plenty of adventure, frolic and fun. [Read more…]

Best Family Vacations in California

Are you thinking about how you can spend your vacations with your family? Want to make a different vacation trip this time? How about making your dream vacation come true?

If you are thinking about a new and enthusiastic place for spending time, then how about your family vacations in California?

[Read more…]

Awesome Hotels in California

On the west coastline, California is among the largest states in the USA. This place is popularly known as the Golden State. It is because California has a sunny weather and during its development stages gold was discovered in here.

This place offers its visitors with a large number of tourist attractions. One of the most must see place here are Hollywood and Disneyland. Most of the awesome hotels in California provide a variety of selection to enjoy their vacation such as good services for relaxation, recreation for their visitors and great amenities. [Read more…]