Top Five Picturesque Honeymoon Destinations

Whether your honeymoon plans call for a short getaway or an extended relaxing trip, these five picturesque destinations can transform your honeymoon into memories to last a lifetime.

Whether your interest runs to an exotic location like St. Lucia or a stateside rendezvous in a city like Charleston that is dripping with southern charm, this list of five popular honeymoon getaways should get your creative juices pumping as you plan your own wonderful adventure.

St. Lucia

If perfect, pristine beaches sound like your idea of the ideal honeymoon destination, then planning a getaway to a St. Lucia resort may be your ticket to a place you will want to return to again and again as you celebrate your years together.

With its miles and miles of white sand and teal blue waters, mountains and rainforests, waterfalls, and charming local culture, St. Lucia is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. You can take some of the many tours that are available or simply soak in the tropical loveliness of Saint Lucia.

If you are a surfer, sailor, or swimmer, St. Lucia has enough watersports to keep you busy all day every day. You can also rent ATV vehicles for off-road adventuring and zip-line through the local rainforests to your heart’s content.


This historic city in the lush, beautiful state of South Carolina has enough southern charm and personality to serve as the South’s spokesperson. The city is packed with art, culture, entertainment and fine dining, and enough natural beauty to fill your days and nights with fragrance and wonder.

You will enjoy the luxurious hotels and bed and breakfasts and the chance to pop in to local bars and pubs to enjoy seriously good live music, and you can get your fill of history and shopping while you are there, as well. Best of all, Charleston is easy to get to and from, and boasts unique sights and attractions such as The Battery, Sullivan’s Island beach, the Aik-Rhett Antebellum mansion and museum, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and more.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini is the most famous and most beautiful of all the islands off the coast of Greece. You have likely seen photographs of its famous round, white houses with their trademark sea-blue rooftops, or the black sand beaches with their equally famed rolling waves gently lapping against the sand.

Santorini can be its own honeymoon getaway or you can combine it with a visit to the historic sights of Greece as well. From delicious food to architectural marvels, great beaches and beautiful bays, you will never want to leave once you have touched down on Santorini.

If you want to venture to nearby Crete, another one of Greece’s famous and beautiful islands, this is also a great way to spend a day while celebrating your honeymoon together.


Paris, France, has been a honeymoon top choice for decades, and why not? With a number of the world’s most famous museums, cathedrals, architectural structures, eateries, couture fashion designers and more, the city is a literal treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.

What better time to create new memories and have brand new experiences together than on your honeymoon? Indulge in decadent nutella crepes from a sidewalk vendor, then tour the breathtaking Sacre de Coeur (the Sacred Heart) cathedral. Plan an all-day adventure inside the incredible Musee de Louvre and peer at the Mona Lisa, then wander by the Notre Dame and have your caricatures sketched by one of Paris’ famous local artists.

From parks and gardens to theaters and the famous Parisian opera, you will bring back enough memories to fill a lifetime from a honeymoon trip to Paris.


Edinburgh, Scotland, has become a newfound tourist destination for honeymoon adventures. Picture yourself sitting in a quaint local pub, snacking on rich eats and draining a Guinness while listening to the best local musicians that money could never buy.

When you finish lunch you can browse through the incredible castles and rich archeological wonders the city has to offer, then venture out for some shopping amongst the local artisan shops or even shop for your family’s kilt pattern! During most parts of the year, Edinburgh is hilly and beautiful, and offers plenty of wide open green spaces for leisurely hikes as well as charming cobblestoned streets in the city’s historic districts.

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